How It's Made: Our Process

Poole Pottery can only be created by the skill and craftsmanship of its makers. The process of hand casting, spraying and painting makes each piece of Poole Pottery unique.

Every piece of Poole is cast by hand from English earthenware clay into moulds made from soft plaster. The plaster draws in moisture from the clay, creating a firm layer against the inside profile of the mould. The excess clay is then poured away and recycled, leaving a fine hollow form. These clay pieces are then sponged smooth by hand and gushed with a coloured glaze. They are then taken to the kiln and fired for the first time at over 1000°C to turn them into bisque ware.


Following this firing, the shapes are inspected for quality before entering the design studio. Here the bespoke coloured base glazes are sprayed on by hand. The design is then painted, layering one colour onto another, to create the unique and dramatic effects Poole is renowned for.



Once complete each item is returned to the fire of the kiln for the final time during which the heat reacts with the layered glazes and develops rich individual colour palettes. Every Poole piece is supplied in a stylish gift box, perfect for gift giving and storage.

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