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The following terms and conditions apply to all transactions made on Poole Pottery's online shop. Please read them carefully and we suggest your print a copy for your records. 

All products are subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time. 

If your order cannot be fulfilled we will inform you and suggest alternatives if available; alternatively we will offer a full refund. 

Payment can be made by any major credit card or debit card except American Express. Payment will be debited to your account before the goods are dispatched. All prices are in Pounds Sterling. 

Goods not delivered: We will make every effort to complete your order and ensure that your payment details are 100% secure. In the event that your goods are lost or damaged in transit please notify us by email: consumer.services@burgessandleigh.co.uk



REACh SVHC Statement: As part of the Denby Group Poole Pottery takes the REACh legislation very seriously and we risk assess and monitor all our products (articles) for the presence of "Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC's)".
The identification of a substance contained in an article as a SVHC creates certain legal obligations for importers, producers and suppliers of the article concerned.
Notification to the European Chemicals Agency is required within 6 months under the REACh Regulations for SVHC's present in articles when specific conditions are met.
The Denby Group will always aim to provide articles for use that are free of SVHC's, but if this is not possible we will always provide adequate, appropriate and timely information about articles containing SVHC's to users as required by the REACh legislation.
For any further information please contact Dean Barlow, Compliance & Technical Services Manager at dean.barlow@denby.co.uk or Philip Hewes, Environmental Officer at phil.hewes@denby.co.uk


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