Manhattan Vases

A timeless classic, our Manhattan vases are beautifully designed and hand-crafted to look sensational as standalone decorative pieces. Tall and sleek, these shaped vases make great additions to shelves and display cabinets.

This is a beautiful style of vase that will suit a variety of interiors, both contemporary and traditional.

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Manhattan vases have a wonderful classic shape that is perfect for holding bunches of dried flowers or brightening up a bookshelf. They are available in two sizes and a variety of colours and designs, including African Sky, Volcano, and Celestial.

All of our glossy and impactful designs are created through our Living Glaze process. Layers of colour are expertly applied by hand then fired to produce a deep and powerful finish, so that every handmade vase you buy from us is totally unique.

Other popular shapes in our collection include large and spacious purse vases, as well as compact bud vases that are perfect for making a statement with your décor. Whichever piece you choose, enjoy free standard UK delivery on all orders over £50. Buy your unique Manhattan vase today. 

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