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Introducing Volcano pottery from Poole Pottery. This Living Glaze collection features a dramatic and striking design resembling lava over cold stones. Its use of strong colours has made it one of our most popular designs, and it is available across a variety of products.

From vases to decorative birds, each piece of Volcano pottery is handmade with exquisite detail and is truly unique.

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If you want to own a bold work of art, Volcano is one of our most striking collections. Deep reds, vibrant oranges, and a splash of contrasting turquoise make for an intense look, so the pieces in this collection are perfect for brightening up any room.

From short, stout bud vases to tall bottle vases, this design lends itself well to a variety of shapes. That means you can purchase a single statement piece or create a display of different vases from the same collection.

Volcano is one of our most popular designs, but we have plenty more for you to choose from, including the floral and bright Poppyfield collection. Why not check out our new cool Ocean range?

We offer free delivery on all orders over £50, so buy from the Volcano collection today.

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