General Enquiries

Who owns Poole Pottery?
In 2012 Poole Pottery became part Burgess & Leigh Ltd, which is part of the Denby group. This is a group with a difference. We are a small collection of traditional pottery companies manufacturing British made ceramics in England for people all over the world. We are committed to hand crafts and preserving the skills of our workforce. As well as Poole pottery, Burgess & Leigh also includes Burleigh pottery. In 2011 the Princes Regeneration Trust purchased Middleport pottery so although these days we are tenants of the building, we get to continue making ceramics in the very best of surroundings. All of which helps maintain the individuality that has made our brands such iconic names spanning the last 250 years.

Where is Poole Pottery made?
Poole Pottery is still all made in the UK, all the items online are manufactured in Middleport pottery in Stoke-On-Trent.

Our Staffordshire factory is in the heart of the Potteries, in Middleport, Stoke-on-Trent. It is here that your internet orders will be manufactured to the high specifications Poole customers have come to expect. Middleport pottery is also the home of Burleigh and have been manufacturing earthenware products on the same spot since 1889. visit www.burleigh.co.uk for more info.

What are the dimensions and capacities of Poole ware?

All of our items vary in dimension and capacity, all information around sizing can be found here.

Do you have factory shops?
Yes, at Middleport we have a factory shop selling a small selection of Poole, a large array of Burleigh, and a range of Leedsware, this selection of seconds pottery with slight imperfections all with at least 30% off RRP. The address is: Middleport Pottery, Port St, Stoke-On-Trent. ST6 3QR. For the most up to date opening hours, please see the Burleigh Factory Shop page.

Has anyone published a book about Poole Pottery's history?

Poole Pottery has been featured in many publications and articles over the years. A publication we would recommend to you is: Poole Pottery: Carter and Company and their successors 1873 - 2002 by Leslie Hayward. We feel this is a good review of the brand and its products and a good reference tool. It will be available through book stores and on line through sites like Amazon. This book has now been updated extending the years to 2010. You can also purchase the book from the factory outlet at Poole Quay.
I am a retailer, how do I become a stockist of Poole Pottery?
For more information email us on customer.services@burgessandleigh.co.uk detailing your company, location and contact details. This will be forwarded to our sales team who will get in touch with you in due course. if you are an existing trade customer you may email your order to customer.services@burgessandleigh.co.uk

Product Enquiries

I have some Poole and need replacement items but can't find the design on your website. How can I buy what I need?
If the design or item you are looking for is not on our website, unfortunately it will no longer be in manufacture. If you contact the shop at Middleport Pottery, they may be able to help. 

I have a piece of Poole Pottery and would like to know its history.
Poole dates back to the mid 19th Century and has released many designs over the years. When we took over Poole Pottery in 2012, we did not take on the archives or company information going back into the design history, so we are not able to help identify patterns. However, we can recommend an excellent publication which will hopefully help you: Poole Pottery: Carter and Company and their successors 1873 - 2002 which is by Leslie Hayward. It will be available to purchase through book shops and online through various sites, or should be available from your local library.

Is the charger plate supplied with wall fixings?
No. We have found that our customers prefer to select their own method of displaying the plaques. However, to hang it on the wall the charger plate has two holes on the back well which enable you to attach picture wire.

Why is my Poole piece making a 'pinging' noise?

Crazing/crackle happens when the glaze contract more than the body as the pot cools after firing. If the glaze is unable to sustain the tension crazing happens. As such the pot will continue to occasionally make a 'ping' sound over its life time. Glaze recipes can be adjusted to eliminate crazing however the resulting glazes is no where near as beautiful.

My Fish/Birds piece doesn't contain a paintress mark.

Due to the size of the piece there is unfortunately not enough space on these small items to place marks without it encroaching on the design. 

Order Enquiries

How long will my order take?
On receipt of your order and payment, we start to manufacture your Poole Pottery specifically for you. Each piece is made by hand and often has several firings to achieve the final product. Depending on your selected design, this process can take around 4 weeks to complete. Please call if you require pottery for a specific date on 01773 740 740, or email consumer.services@burgessandleigh.co.uk

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