Environmental Policy

Environmental and REACh Statements


Poole Pottery, as part of The Denby Group, are committed to operating in a manner that minimises our impact on the environment. We are committed to continually monitoring our environmental and pollution credentials to ensure that we not only comply with all relevant legislation but question our significant operational aspects as well.

Waste management strategies are already in place for the factory to maximise re-use, recycling and recovery where possible. The recent renovation of the factory premises ensures they are operating with the latest heating and lighting systems possible for energy efficiency.

Click here to view the signed Environmental Policy Statement.


Poole Pottery is Made in England. In fact, all of our ware is made here at our historic home of Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, the ceramics capital of the world. There's a significant carbon footprint advantage to making our ware here, which is that we use a local supply infrastructure that has been built up over centuries.

Within the factory, our processes are designed to be as sustainable and efficient as possible, reducing waste and reusing raw materials as, and where, we can. This isn't just good environmentalism; it's the traditional, cost effective way that has served British ceramic manufacturing well for generations. When casting (shaping ware using moulds and slip) excess slip is poured into troughs which drain back into the slip tanks for reuse in the next casting. Waste from forming, fettling and sponging is also collected and flattened back down into clay balls to be reshaped and used again.

Even after firing and decorating, pottery that does not pass our high inspection standards is sold at a discounted price as ‘seconds’ meaning that imperfections don’t mean a trip to the landfill. Out of all of the ware that we produce, less than 2% is unable to be recycled or used in some way.

Most importantly, Poole pottery is designed to last. Our fine earthenware clay is incredibly durable and our underglaze decorating technique ensures that colours and patterns remain vibrant. With love and care your Poole will last for generations.


Poole Pottery takes the EU REACh legislation very seriously and we risk assess and monitor all our products (articles) for the presence of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). Poole articles contain lead oxide (which is classified as an SVHC) above the 0.1% (w/w) level provided by the legislation. However, although the articles contain lead oxide it is not released in normal use at levels above those deemed to be safe by overriding EU regulations.

We will always aim to provide articles for use that are free of SVHC's, but if this is not possible adequate, appropriate and timely information about articles containing SVHC's will be communicated to users.

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