Burleigh x Poole

Burleigh x Poole

When two of the greatest British ceramics brands known for their craftsmanship share skills and secrets, the result is irresistibly tangible: introducing the Burleigh x Poole collaboration.

Starting with hand-thrown biscuitware silhouettes from Poole Pottery artisans, each piece has been meticulously wrapped and brought to life with an iconic Burleigh pattern.

Every Burleigh x Poole vase is a unique shape; each one hand thrown with an innate tacit knowledge of form. Cloaked in a considered selection of iconic Burleigh prints, this is a once in a lifetime chance to own your favourite limited-edition vase from a very special collaboration.

Proudly hand-decorated at our home, Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, using the traditional Burleigh tissue transfer technique; each vase comes with dual branding underneath, along with cobalt blue decorator’s mark. Celebrate craftmanship with a Burleigh x Poole Vase.

Available in the Burleigh Factory Shop; only a select few are being listed online.

Head to the Burleigh website to find the style that best suits your personality.


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