Meaning 'feather', Alexis is a stunning green reactive design, against a bold cobalt blue backdrop. Inspired by the beauty of the peacock feather this pattern is a modern adaptation for today's aspiring consumer and is created by Poole artist Victoria Higginbotham.
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Alexis Bud Vase 12cm
£31.99 £45.00
Alexis Ginger Lamp Base
From £94.99 £135.00
Alexis Manhattan Lamp Base
From £94.99 £135.00
Alexis Oval Dish 39cm
£87.99 £125.00
Alexis Purse Vase 20cm
£59.99 £85.00
Alexis Purse Vase 26cm
£94.99 £135.00
Alexis Round Dish 26cm
£94.99 £135.00
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